Team Management

Our team management philosophy was developed to enhance employee quality in a stable and comfortable working environment with a basic orientation of client satisfaction and customer service.

We, at Desert Management, believe that being involved in all aspects of Association Management not only enhances ones expertise and knowledge, but also provides benefits to our clients in a manner that other companies may project, but not fully utilize.

  • We consider all vendors who work for our clients an important part of teamwork and we work closely with them.
  • We recognize that each client, vendor and employee has a unique contribution to add to our team.
  • As we are client driven and in concert with our other professional values, we are able to meet our client’s needs.
  • As a corporation and as individuals, we sense a stewardship to wisely use our human resources and goals for the purpose of fulfilling our company’s vision.
  • We recognize and know that Desert Management is only as good as its personnel; therefore, we are committed to providing a productive and solid professional environment for our entire employee team.

We continuously evaluate how we are doing and compare it to what is possible and needed by our clients. We encourage and promote continuous education for our managers via the Community Association Institute (CAI) and California Association of Community Management (CACM). We know that while nothing in society remains the same, our philosophy provides a stable difference in the Association Management industry.

Desert Management